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What is Grossman Academy?

Grossman Academy allows you to receive the same training you would get at one of the Colonel's live events, but for a fraction of the cost! With Grossman Academy, you gain relevant and important training 100% online.

What is it like to take an online course?​

Online courses allow you to be progress through the course at your own pace. Each course is divided into video units that you can complete on your own schedule. To measure your understanding, each unit features several assessment questions and interactive components. Grossman Academy courses are delivered online using Virtual Academy's intuitive learning platform and require no additional software or hardware.

How much does a course cost?

Currently, registration for the Grossman Academy On Combat course is only $79, which includes online access to all eight course videos, an electronic copy of On Combat, and a completion certificate. The On Killing Course is also $79 with access to eight course videos and a completion certificate. Group pricing is available; contact to find out more.

Can anyone take Grossman Academy certificate courses?

Yes! Grossman Academy courses feature content designed for military and law enforcement personnel, but registration is open to anyone.

Can I apply these courses for credit toward my training or degree?

Grossman Academy courses may apply toward law enforcement in-service training or higher education credits, depending on your state or educational institution. To find out more, please contact us at

When will I receive my username and password?

The staff at Grossman Academy personally creates your account to ensure the security of your username and password. You will receive your username and password approximately 30 minutes after your payment is received.

What is Virtual Academy?

Public Safety is asked to embody many roles on a daily basis. Virtual Academy ensures robust preparation is a click away! Along with an intuitive Training Management System, your agency gains access to applicable, real-world training where everyone has a front row seat to the nation's top training experts. Visit because... you deserve more!

Are Grossman Academy courses included in Virtual Academy?

Grossman Academy courses are produced by Virtual Academy, but they are not included in the Virtual Academy training package. Although Grossman Academy courses must be purchased individually, Virtual Academy does provide Grossman Academy primers, a simplified version of the course.

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